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Aug 18th, 2022

Every time I think to myself, "boy, I'm tired".  I have to stop and think about that picture the Malcomb J. Miller took of the young man, himself an Eastern Kentucky Flood Victim.  That guy was physically and mentally exhausted...  but he knew that he was going to have to get back at it after a brief rest.  I have been working some long hours, but not as many as Peg, or Michelle or Suzi.  We don't come close to the people down there.

If I get too tired, I get some rest or else I erase a webpage. (personal experience) I can go upstairs and lay down on a comfortable bed and get true rest.  In Eastern Kentucky, that is not a choice for many.  If you read yesterday's post, some of our friends are 15 miles away from the nearest help and their car is two miles away in a tree.  They are still having to deal with the addicts that are roaming around trying to loot everything they can.

I or should I say we are pushing forward for 9 more days for the event.  We are in need of your generosity and support for our friends and family in Eastern Kentucky.  Thank you!

Aug 17th, 2022

It's been two weeks since the waters came in the night and destroyed the lives as they knew.   This from flood victim:

 "Imagine losing your home!  It may be sitting beside you in ruins, split in half or it could be down the river, I’ve seen both.  

Now imagine also your car that you worked to pay off dripping with water, or down the road two miles in a tree.  

Now imagine you live up a holler, 15 miles from the center of town, no one has ever heard of that’s not local.  

Now when you get that all thought up, imagine someone coming by and you ask for a pair of socks and they tell you that there is free clothes and supplies in town, 15 miles away!  

It’s not as simple as it seems.  I have personally seen all these scenarios over the last two weeks.  It’s not as simple as going to the shelter where you are taken care of, or driving to town to get what you need.  We do not have a shelter in Letcher county, we have buildings that’s being used that has no showers and one bathroom.  Also we had people detoxing in this shelters.  Personally I would rather sleep in a tent with my kids than a cot in a crowded room.  Until this week there was no transportation for the people in the shelter to get to The showers at the schools, or the Tide truck.  Yes insurance gives loaner cars but there is a wait list so many have applied and many are still without cars.  It’s not as simple as news makes it out to get help.  If you can ask for a ride or borrow a car to run to town, you definitely don’t have time to run to the next county over where the bigger distribution center is for a wheelbarrow. If people are gone from their homes too long thieves come in and take what they have salvaged.  It’s a bad situation.  We are getting help, but it’s so widespread that it’s going to take a long time." 

This is the reality down home right now. It just breaks my heart. 


An Afternoon of Music, Food and Fun!

HOPE FOR THE HILLS is an independent, volunteer-driven music, arts and food event to raise money for relief for eastern Kentucky flood victims.

Our goal is to raise $20,000, sell 200-250 tickets, raise awareness of the vast need for continued support, and provide inspiration and information about how to offer more support.

We believe that this time of unexpected and severe weather can affect any of us at any time, and this is our opportunity to help our neighbors to the south cope with the worst flood disaster ever recorded there.

We know how generous Greater Cincinnatians are, and we know you want to help, too.




August 27th, 2022

1:00 to 4:00 pm


Knox joseph Distillery

at OTR Stillhouse

2017 Branch St, Cincinnati, OH  45214

The Venue

Knox Joseph Distillery at the OTR StillHouse

2017 Branch St. Cincinnati, OH 45214

Phone: (513) 421-7800

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